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Sustainability, which is both a strategic pillar and a central component of the Group’s performance, is an operational reality at every level. The ACT FOR ALL program accelerates, guides and leverages this process. Plastic Omnium has always demonstrated its commitment to sustainable mobility. It is now accelerating its climate strategy and aims to set the standard for the automotive industry.

Act for all

The climate emergency and preserving the environment are two of the most critical challenges facing humanity today. Now is the time to move beyond ecological transition, the time for action and disruptive innovations capable of changing consumption and production habits. Central to the Group’s performance, the worldwide ACT FOR ALL program is a tool for guiding its sustainability strategy and encouraging its stakeholders to act. ACT FOR ALL helps shape the Group’s goals and indicates the direction to take to achieve them. Based on the continuous improvement principle, it has three areas of focus: Responsible Business, Care for People, and Sustainable Production. Plastic Omnium is undergoing far-reaching transformation to optimize its production methods and support its customers’ energy transition with solutions that emit less CO2. This is the idea underpinning its carbon neutrality roadmap, which sets out detailed quantifiable targets: in 2025 for its direct operations (Scopes 1 and 2) and 2030 for its entire value chain (Scope 3). Energized by the signature of a number of strategic partnerships, innovation is the engine driving the transformation process. The program is designed to deliver ambitious results and is steered by a dedicated committee representing the Group’s various business units and via regular reporting updates. The ACT FOR ALL committee meets two or three times a year and is attended by members of the executive committee and directors of business lines and support functions (human resources, sustainability, innovation, and compliance). With indicators used to track progress, the program is steered by an ACT FOR ALL committee comprising members of the executive committee and directors of business lines and support functions. In 2022, the board of directors created a Corporate Sustainability and Appointments Committee to further embed the central place of these issues at the highest levels in the Group.