Integrated report 2021 - reinventing inventing

Innovation, now more than ever - Message from the Chairman

Mobility is undergoing a uniquely rapid and far-reaching transformation. Plastic Omnium is inspired by these changing realities, leveraging them to transform itself and influence its entire ecosystem. A pioneer of automotive transformation for 75 years, the Group has never been more determined to be at the forefront of the emerging landscape of new mobility.

The automotive revolution, with its unprecedented scope and speed, encourages us to reach the new heights of inventiveness that the accelerating pace of transformation demands. Innovation has been central to Plastic Omnium for 75 years, a focus that makes these transformations possible, enabling it to develop solutions that deliver greener forms of mobility and place the environment at the heart of its innovation strategy and operations. Successive waves of technologies are arriving with ever greater speed, frequency and intensity, reshaping a market undergoing far-reaching changes that are driven by clean mobility. Plastic Omnium has the ability to predict these trends and adopt them when the timing is right. From lighter vehicles to hydrogen fuel cells, these developments are the source of outstanding opportunities for Plastic Omnium, especially in a market experiencing a period of consolidation. Although our innovations are very much centered on cars, other forms of mobility are now benefitting from them: trucks, buses, trains and, in the near future, airplanes. The Group owes its flair for agility and foresight above all to the financial solidity and stability that comes from family ownership. Plastic Omnium is independent, free to commit itself to long-term projects, decide which technologies to back, and strike out in new directions. It is, in other words, an intrepid business in control of its own destiny. Bolstered by the professionalism and expertise of its teams around the world, and the guidance of its executive management, Plastic Omnium has what it takes to reinvent itself today and invent the disruptive innovations that are shaping the mobility of tomorrow.