First-half 2018: Further improvement in results

Major strategic advances
Proposed disposal of the Environment business

Plastic Omnium, an innovative company employing more than 3,200 engineers in 24 R&D centers worldwide, dedicates 6.4% of revenue to Research & Development, supplemented by a further 1.5% spent on investment in technologies. Over the next two years, the Group will therefore be allocating 1.2 billion euros in R&D for a safer, more connected and cleaner car.

Now exclusively focused on the development of automotive activity after the expected sale of its Environment business in the second half-year, Plastic Omnium is also underpinning its leadership through structuring acquisitions, the latest in line being the operational controlling stake in the German company, HBPO, the world leader in the production of front-end modules posting revenue of over 2 billion euros.

Backed by a wide-ranging client portfolio (82 client brands), worldwide presence (122 plants in 26 countries) and technologies, Plastic Omnium is speeding up its profitable growth strategy for the production of intelligent exterior systems and clean energy systems, together with the assembly of complex modules for the car of the future.

Looking to the future with confidence, the Group can confirm that 2018 results will again show further growth.

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2018 Interim results presentation2018 Interim results report

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