OPmobility is committed to Sustainability issues and is mobilizing its stakeholders to play an active role in the energy transition. In its dedicated program, ACT FOR ALL. The Group has defined ambitious objectives, which are reflected in its safety policy and its diversity program.

OPmobility strives to maintain relationships of trust with its stakeholders to meet the challenges of sustainable mobility. The Group has deployed its roadmap to contribute to carbon neutrality and intends to play a major role in the transformation of the sector.

In this context, OPmobility shows its ambition to remain at the forefront of Sustainability.


Sustainability Ambassadors

The Sustainability Ambassadors network brings together over 200 committed employees. The aim of this group of volunteers is to set up, participate, promote and share sustainable development initiatives within the Group.


Responsible Purchasing

OPmobility is extremely vigilant in its relations with suppliers. Failure to comply with laws and regulations relating to the environment, human rights or business ethics could affect the Group’s activities, economic performance or reputation.


OPmobility and the SDGs

Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals is a real challenge for individuals, companies and organizations around the world. The SDGs are a set of global goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015 to solve some of our planet’s most pressing challenges, including poverty, inequality, climate change, health, and education. OPmobility’s actions contribute to meeting these goals.

A historic commitment

Plastic Omnium founded
The automotive industry becomes Plastic Omnium’s primary business
Plastic Omnium devotes our plastic injection technology to making bumpers lighter
The first lightweight, high-performance plastic fuel systems
First ISO 14001 certifications and managed health & safety policies
Signs up to the United Nations Global Compact
Plastic Omnium invests in diesel emission reduction with our SCR technology
Top Planet energy efficiency program
First ISO 50001 certifications
Signs the French Business Climate Pledge
Plastic Omnium becomes an automotive pure player and joins the Act4nature initiative
Ecovadis rating of 72/100 GOLD level
Evolution of the Group's governance
- Launch of carbon neutrality targets and announcement of climate targets
- Ecovadis score 2021: 75/100
- CDP score 2021: B
- Definition of the purpose Driving a New Generation of Mobility
- Merge of the Human Resources and Sustainability functions
- Ecovadis score 2022: 80/100 (+ 5 points vs 2021)
- CDP score 2022: A- (vs B in 2021)
- Reduction of 9% of CO2 emissions scope 1 & 2 (vs. 2021)
- Reduction of 5% of CO2 emissions scope 3 (vs. 2021)
- Holistic assessment of the Group's impact on biodiversity
- Ecovadis score: 80/100
- CDP score: A
- 19.7% reduction in CO2 emissions from scope 1 & 2 and 30.3% from scope 3 (vs. 2019, excluding Lighting)