Our latest innovations: for safer, more connected cars and limitless freedom of style

Integrating, concealing and protecting the radars, lidars and other electronic components in the connected car. Our technologies and thermoplastic materials offer optimal electromagnetic and light transparency, allowing extensive customization and communication with their environment. Lighter and more aerodynamic, these intelligent materials can additionally reduce CO2 emissions to just 5 grams per kilometer.

To anticipate the challenges that come with those evolutions, OPmobility has strenghtened its innovation strategy, with a CSR oriented and operational excellence. Listen to our experts on connected surfaces for autonomous cars.


Integration and freedom of style

More customization and communication thanks to the signature lighting system and integrated functions. OPmobility designs systems that open the way for the autonomous, connected car of the future. Smart Bumper – a pillar of our innovation strategy.

Electromagnetic transparency
allowing radar and lidar function
Integrated screens, message display and enhanced safety
Customized lighting and freedom of style to create a distinct identity
Integration and protection of driver assistance technologie
Onboard antenna systems
and obstacle detection
Dynamic message display
function for enhanced
Light weight
Up to 30% lighter
than a metal


For a more connected car

For the autonomous, connected car, OPmobility is developing innovations in complex rear-end modules that integrate radars, sensors and signature lighting. Our Smart Tailgates offer greater value-added and onboard intelligence.
Interactivity: greater ease of use with integrated contactless opening and closing functions.

Body panel functionalized with 4D imaging radar

Disruptive innovation in exterior body part and connectivity

A new generation of 4D imaging radar jointly developed by OPmobility and the French deeptech start-up Greenerwave functionalizes exterior body panels for enhanced driving safety.

The 4D imaging radar, with unrivalled angular resolution (10 times higher than conventional radars) on large fields of view, will enhanced detection capability of the vehicle’s environment up to 300m whatever the external conditions.

The 4D imaging radar contributes to improve driving safety and will serve the development of autonomous vehicles.

Body functionalization & performances
Co-design body panel-radar
for enhanced performances,
tending toward lidar’s ones
Replacement of several sensors
by one 4D imaging radar –
Easy integration in bumper

Limited power consumption
and processing power needed
Scalability and
cost efficiency
With the same interface
with vehicle ECU

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