Projection systems expand the possibilities for customizing the vehicle and offer more functionalities such as projections outside and inside a vehicle allow a unique design andcommunication with the driver’s immediate surroundings. A major advantage, especially in view of the development of autonomous driving.

Interior Lighting

Lighting plays a decisive role into transforming the interior into a personal living space, that can be personalized to one’s own preferences., We are developing lighting concepts for vehicle interiors that provide greater safety, personalization and even entertainment on the road.

Body shell lighting

Body Shell Lighting, the integration of light into the vehicle surface or its add-on parts, is a trend to which OPmobility is particularly dedicated. With our end-to-end lighting value chain, we enable differentiating exterior systems for a highly modern look and feel.

Front & signal Lighting

The digitalization of light and the widespread use of LED technology are significantly expanding the possibilities of vehicle lighting. With cost-effective standard modules, we are actively driving LEDification in mobility lighting. Our lower consumption solutions provide better visibility, more efficiency and a modern front-end design in all vehicle classes.

The possibilities for signal lighting in terms of safety and communication between the car and its environment are emerging. In addition, turn indicator and daytime running light have evolved to important tools for brand signature. With our advanced signal lighting solutions, we aim to underline the vehicle’s intelligence.

Lighting Electronics

Electronic systems in interaction with intelligent control modules offer new innovations, functions and diagnostic options for vehicle lighting. While vehicle lighting is becoming a differentiator with more and more features, complex lighting animations require even more complex architectures. Our electronic modules with advanced hardware and software algorithms are the answer to this challenge and ensure flawless functionality and more comfort for the driver.