OPmobility speaks out

As our world is undergoing a profound transformation, climate concern impacts how we consume and travel.
Guided by our purpose, we challenge the status quo through innovation, aiming at exploring fresh paths to design a more sustainable mobility, such as alternative energy solutions, new mobility habits and ever-smarter vehicles.

Félicie Burelle, Managing Director of OPmobility SE


The Group is innovating to bring about more sustainable mobility. In particular, since 2015 OPmobility has invested nearly 500 million euros to develop zero-emission hydrogen mobility in rolling mode, with the ambition of achieving 3 billion in sales in this activity by 2030.

Today, more than 20% of our sales for low-carbon mobility are aligned with the European taxonomy.


Because we are a leader in a fast-moving market, we must build on our industrial success, pushing performance to new levels of excellence. We believe that success comes from our people, inspiring them to make a difference.


Because innovation is at the heart of our DNA, we must accelerate our efforts to reinforce our competitive advantage, with digital technologies as key enablers to meet future market needs for safer, greener and smarter mobility.


Because we have been a family-owned company for four generations, our vision is passed on from generation to generation. As we care about people and feel responsible for the planet, we are committed to delivering a positive impact for future generations.


Because mobility preferences and expectations are changing rapidly, we must capitalize on our customers relationships to forge new paths in mobility, answering the energy transition challenges. We must develop new partnerships, conquer new markets and grow together.

Our vision

In a world undergoing profound transformation, where change is accelerating, climate concern is having an impact on how we consume and travel, we are in the midst of an unprecedented revolution. As a leader, we aim to play a driving role in the mobility transformation and the energy transition. As sustainable and responsible company, we will challenge the status quo and open new perspectives.