OP’nSoft, an entity of OPmobiliy, is responsible for the software development for all the OPmobility’s products, services and innovations portfolio.

OP’nSoft meets the numerous needs of the new generation of mobility: more sustainable, safer and more customer oriented.

OP’nSoft brings to all mobility players:

Mobility Experience

– Interior and exterior Lighting

– Advanced driving assistance system

– Partnerships with startups and innovative automakers

Safety & Compliance

– Components for advanced driver assistance systems

– 4D Radar for advanced object detection

– Automotive compliance : ISO26262, ISO21434


Green Mobility & Performance

– Hydrogen and electrification

– Engine and transmission performance

– Improved fuel performance and acceleration

– Performance

Connectivity & Cybersecurity

– Remote software updates with corrections and new features to improve performance.

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We are supporting the transition to the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV), or “vehicle designed around software” – a better customer experience through safer, more connected service evolution and updating.

Our expertises:
To enable the development of new products and services, OP’nSoft relies on many expertises:
– Autosar / DevOps / Software platforming
– C and C++ / Model-based design
– Safety / Cybersecurity / Automotive SPICE
– Agile / SaFE methodologies
ASPICE Methodology

The implementation of the ASPICE methodology, or Automotive SPICE, in our product lines is a goal to meet the requirements of the automotive industry and to aim at producing innovative and safer vehicles. We work according to ASPICE Level 2 standards.
Working with OPmobility is a guarantee of high software quality and increased efficiency.


It’s the guarantee of following customer needs as closely as possible and delivering a product that meets market expectations in a reduced development time. It also means being able to bring together teams from all over the world.

Software platforming

Software platforming mutualizing software developments across our product lines, enabling:
– Competitive products and services
– Optimized quality and On Time Delivery
– Innovative offer

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Our ability to combine our unique product portfolio with software best practices, enabling a tailor-made offering for our customers.

We have a unique network of start-ups and partners to combine our products with innovative solutions.

4D Radar softwares

Improved far-field detection of vehicles, bicycles and vulnerable people in all types of weather conditions. This new technology is the most innovative in the world of radar.

Electrification softwares

Managing battery systems, electronics and power electronics components for electric mobility in trucks, buses, trains and construction equipment, regardless of the type of engine used: hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery electric or fuel cells.

Selective Catalytic Reductions softwares (SCR)

SCR technology is an effective response to the regulatory requirements limiting emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel vehicles.

Fuel Cell (Hydrogen) softwares

Managing volume and pressure for hydrogen and air needed to deliver the required power in kilowatts and related services.

Lighting softwares

Managing all aspects of lighting systems, of which colors, patterns, shape as well as internal and external projections.

Our new technology

Safer vehicles

Constantly evolving in the multimodal mobility landscape, OPmobility stands on the pillars of safety and innovation. We are committed to redefining industry standards and enhancing the security of mobility solutions.

4D Imaging Radar
Upgraded Lighting Function