means actively participating in the future of mobility alongside an audacious, confident Group

means sharing in the success of a world leader and helping it write its ongoing story

means investing in durable, responsible and profitable growth

means being part of a passionate, entrepreneurial Group that is guided by excellence: quality, expertise and constant innovation.


When you buy a Plastic Omnium share, you become the owner of a fraction of its share capital and invest in its development. This brings rights and duties:
– To be informed about the company’s activities
– To attend and vote at the annual shareholders’ meeting
– To receive a share of profits in the form of dividends, the amounts of which are voted at the annual shareholders meeting.

You have two possible choices:
– Buy bearer shares
An account is opened with your financial intermediary (bank or stockbroker). You are not known to OPmobility.
– Buy registered shares
You are known to OPmobility so you receive the notices of annual shareholders’ meetings.

What are registered shares?
There are two types of registered shares:
– Pure registered shares: your shares are kept by OPmobility, which delegates their management to UPTEVIA.
– Administered registered shares: your shares are registered with OPmobility but are managed by your financial intermediary, which remains your point of contact for all transactions. If you own registered shares through a share savings plan, an administered registered account is recommended.

The advantages of pure registered shares:
Exemption from custody and management fees:
A dedicated number for all contact with UPTEVIA:
– For France: 0 826 109 119 (service 0.15€ / min + call price)
A dedicated website: Planetshare
You can use the website to manage your pure registered share account, update your personal data, transmit and monitor your market orders on line at advantageous transaction fees, and sign up for e‑services (e‑dividend notices, e‑transaction notices, e‑account statements, e‑notice of shareholders’ meetings).

If you hold bearer shares, how can you transfer them to registered shares?
UPTEVIA manages our registered shares. You can ask your financial intermediary to transfer your bearer shares to a registered share account.

To transfer them to a pure registered share account, your securities should be delivered to the issuer to EUROCLEAR member 30, account type 09, at the following address:

Corporate Trust Services
La Défense – Cœur Défense Tour A
90-110 Esplanade du Général de Gaulle
92400 Courbevoie

Tel: +33 (0)826 109 119 (service 0.15€ / min + call price)

On receiving your securities, UPTEVIA will send you a certificate of registration in an account and ask you to provide:
– Your bank account details to pay in dividends
– A contract for stockbroker services to fill out if you wish to carry out market transactions on your securities