Even with today’s considerably improved charging technology, recharging an electric vehicle is still on average far more time-consuming than refuelling a “normal” vehicle. It can take several hours for the batteries to be completely recharged. The charging flap is usually open for all this time, during which it is susceptible to damage. Our HBPO development team has taken a look at this problem and come up with some solutions to make the charging process safer, and more convenient for users at the same time.

We have developed different movement directions or kinematics to avoid any damage while the car is being charged. During the process, the charging flap for example can open outwards or slide inside the vehicle. With both solutions, the flap remains really close to the car body.

The advantage: in both cases, there is no outside charging flap to cause a nuisance to the user.

Thanks to the modular concept, the respective solution can be accommodated at various points in the vehicle and equipped with different functions such as lighting, displays and sensors.

The HBPO solution is based on the standard HBPO components, thus bringing about considerable cost savings.