In 2006, the Group launched the Top Planet program to reduce consumption, manage waste and limit its impact on the environment. Best practices have been implemented on sites all over the world.

sites are ISO 14 001 certified in 2022

of the industrial park is labeled Top Planet in 2022

Objective 2025

waste is recycled or recovered in 2022

Environmental basics

In another example, the ambassadors have launched the ” 6 Environmental Basics” in collaboration with the Sustainability department. The aim of this initiative is to encourage everyone to adopt simple reflexes to reduce consumptions and protect resources on a daily basis.

Preservation of water resources

With equipment operating in closed circuits, the plants’ industrial processes ensure a controlled water consumption. Water contaminated by painting activities follows a rigorous decontamination process.

ISO 14 001 certification

Over 90% of OPmobility sites are ISO 14 001 certified. This standard helps sites to improve its environmental performance and better manage its impacts: sustainable use of resources, protection of biodiversity, etc.

Local initiatives

Several sites are committed to biodiversity, notably through the Sustainability Ambassadors network.

Restoration activity – Arevalo, Spain

The Cantazzoras hill, close to the Arevalo site, is a place of botanical interest for its varied flora and the species it shelters. To enable nature to restore itself, the Arevalo site has carried out activities to restore the environment of this hill: collecting the garbage present, while respecting the existing flora.

Reforestation of a former mine – Essen, Germany

During the ACT FOR ALL day, several actions were set up to participate in the reforestation of an old open-cast lignite mine near Cologne. Oak, cherry and wild apple trees were planted.