LED headlamps save space and energy and produce light with a higher color temperature without compromising photometric performance. Building on the efficient and flexible use of LEDs, we develop innovative technologies for glare-free high beam, pixelated light and LASER and ensure their accessibility for all vehicle classes through standardized modules. Scroll down to learn more on our different solutions.


Thanks to matrix technology, the vehicle can be driven with the high beams on without blinding oncoming vehicles. Constant communication between the LED cameras and the headlights ensures that the LED light sources switch on and off automatically, allowing more comfort for the driver and greater safety for all road users.


Even more comfort and safety compared to the LED matrix is offered by our LED PIXEL technology, which is based on a higher number of LED segments for the low beam and high beam functions. The systems operate fully automatically in all driving situations, providing the driver with maximum visibility.


Micro LED projection modules provide semi-HD projections with a wide variety of light patterns that can be projected in front of a vehicle and onto the road. The possibilities range from road projections of speed limits, navigation arrows to lane guidance in narrow spaces – for more assistance to the driver and more safety.


Especially on very dark roads, the high-intensity beam produced by LASER headlamps can significantly improve visibility for the driver while taking up very little space. The blue LASER diode that powers this second high beam lamp is converted into a bright and homogenous white light.

Led modules

In addition to complete systems, we also offer individual LED modules for both projector and reflector headlights, which are easy to integrate thanks to a space-saving and standardized design. A reduced number of components and passive cooling also make the modules a very cost-effective option.


The latest generation of our bifunctional projector modules, the B91R, combines LED low and high beam with a particularly slim fit for optimum visibility at all times and a modern headlamp design. Thanks to two individual LED boards, the module can switch between low and high beam without a mechanical shutter.


Offering flexibility and cost efficiency, the eXchangeable Light Engine is OPmobility´s LED- based solution for reflector headlights in all vehicle classes. The compact size and scalable approach allows the module to be used in 2-, 3- and 4- reflector variants ensuring a high degree of flexibility in terms of size, power and luminous flux.