The Future of Energy For Mobility : discover the 3 winning projects 

Félicie Burelle, Managing Director,
and the team DECO, winner of the Grand Prix for Innovation Award

Laurent Favre, CEO of Plastic Omnium
with the team Airport Hydrogenius, winner of the Jury Special Award

Alexandre Corjon, Executive VP Innovation,
with the team Solar Micromobility, winner of the Audience Award

The theme of this second edition? The reduction of energy consumption

The participating teams have responded to this problem by proposing solutions for optimized use of mobility and decentralized interconnected energy systems.

As a leader in sustainable and connected mobility, Plastic Omnium was supported by SoScience, specialized in Responsible Research and Innovation. This is the opportunity to establish multi-stakeholder collaborations to propose innovative and sustainable solutions with a positive impact.

The challenge? To call on collective intelligence

To ensure that energy for mobility is environmentally friendly, safe, sustainable throughout its life cycle and adaptable to meet the needs of all users, whatever the country.

Our mission? To design innovative solutions to build tomorrow’s mobility!

The Innovation Challenge 2023 was open to Plastic Omnium employees as well as experts, entrepreneurs, engineers, academics, researchers, the public sector, cities… to shape the future of energy for mobility.

“At Plastic Omnium, open and multi-faceted innovation is at the heart of our strategy. At our core, we embrace innovation and continually push boundaries to develop cutting-edge solutions that will shape the future of mobility”.

Félicie BURELLE, Managing Director, Plastic Omnium SE

“At SoScience, we enable collaboration between people with different perspectives on the same issue using our methodology and process, to co-create solutions for social and environmental transitions”.

Mélanie MARCEL, founder and CEO of SoScience

A 2023 edition rich in innovative projects


pre-selected contestants




Discover the 8 finalist projects


The Solar Micromobility team, with an electric bicycle-car concept powered by battery and solar energy, for urban and semi-urban mobility.


The Airport Hydrogenius team, with mobile hydrogen power modules for aviation.


The Daily Move Data Analysis team, with its mobility analysis system for identifying new low-carbon mobility business models. 


The Distributed PPA team, with an internet platform for exchanging and trading electricity between individuals.


The DECO team, with an internet platform for exchanging and trading electricity locally between individuals and producers.


The P2P ENERGY team, with a project for optimizing energy use in a closed circuit that leverages artificial intelligence to anticipate electricity production and usage.


The 2nd Life EV Battery team, with a project giving EV batteries a second life as household energy storage units.


The Magic Box team, with a project for fitting data recovery boxes to electric trucks to optimize management of energy charging and storage flows.