By becoming OPmobility, Plastic Omnium turns a new page in its history and confirms the acceleration of its strategic transformation as a leading player in sustainable and connected mobility.


Laurent Burelle, President of OPmobility: “Nearly 80 years after its creation, the Group is reaching a major milestone in its history with OPmobility. This name pays homage to our past and our values, while projecting us into the future”.

“In recent years, the Group has undertaken a vast transformation by developing its activities worldwide and diversifying its customer portfolio, notably with new entrants in electric mobility” Laurent Favre, Chief Executive Officer of OPmobility.

Félicie Burelle, Managing Director of OPmobility: “OPmobility expresses our ambition to play a key role in the transformations of mobility and in the energy transition, fully consistent with our purpose, ‘Driving a new generation of mobility'”.