Our innovative solutions combine lighting with electronics and software to create advanced intelligent features, such as welcome scenarios or safety messages. Integrated into a car’s body shell, these features ensure a highly reliable and time visible communication.

We offer a wide range of solutions for rear and front signal lighting – from standardized to highly customized solutions comprising software and bus-communication fulfilling functional safety requirements. Through the exact control of the LED positioning, we gain a high level of precision which is essential for light guide applications. In addition, we deliver a variety of thermal solutions responding to the challenges of high-power LED and space constraints on FR4, flex PCB and IMS.

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Surface LEDs represent the latest innovation in signal lighting. The patented technology combines an ultra-homogenous OLED appearance with all the advantages of classic LED light guides: They feature an ultra-thin profile, multi-color and 3D lighting along with lower manufacturing costs and increased durability.
Our latest innovation in surface LED technology, “ILLUVISION”, combines our lighting expertise with OPmobility´s know-how in advanced manufacturing technologies and marks the next significant step forward in our S-LED family, further increasing design freedom.


Organic LEDs, also known as OLEDs, are characterized by a particularly homogenous appearance when switched on. In the future, flexible variants will offer additional possibilities for this unique light source.


LED signal lights are increasingly used due to their greater design flexibility, lower energy consumption, long service life and fast illumination, all of which enhance safety.


Light guides are usually used in combination with LED light sources. Their technology enables an innovative 3D design and better directs light to areas that are normally shaded by interior design and the small size of the luminaire.