A network of committed volunteers

The Sustainability Ambassadors network brings together over 200 committed employees. The aim of this network of volunteers is to set up, participate, promote and share sustainable development initiatives within the Group, such as the organization of « The Climate Fresk ».


Sustainability Ambassadors


I joined the Sustainability Ambassador’s network since its creation, and I’m delighted to see how it has grown and evolved. One of the purposes of the network is to increase awareness on sustainability and one of the ways it does this is through the Climate Fresk.

Adora Obubo, Nanterre

The ambassador network has allowed me to contribute to the environment, create a better environment and encourage others to do the same.

Maite Alonso, Arevalo

Our actions

June 2023 Lublin, Poland

Eco June organized for the third year running

World Environment Day is an opportunity to promote environmentally-friendly activities. During this day: collection of used batteries and household appliances, car-free week, forest clean-up...

April 2023 Nanterre, France

Climat Fresk on several sites

This workshop enables employees to launch a positive and collective discussion on the levers of action for understanding and limiting climate change. For 3 hours, participants understand what's at stake, then give free rein to their creativity.