OPmobility is committed to the act4nature international initiative

Our commitment

Topic Description of SMART commitment
Measurable goal
Indicators and deadlines
(Group worldwide scope)
Joint commitments
Assess and reduce the impacts Deploy a biodiversity protection action plan based on the 2023 survey of interactions with local biodiversity. 100% of sites by 2025 1-3-5
Commit to carbon neutrality The assessment showed that climate change exerts the greatest pressure on biodiversity and is one of the main levers for reducing impacts. 5-10
Reduce CO2 emissions, targets approved by SBTi in October 2021 and aligned with the 1.5°C trajectory 20251: Neutral scope 1 and 2
2030: -30% on scope 3 (upstream and downstream) compared with 2019
2050: Neutral in all scopes
Develop activities dedicated to low-carbon mobility (hydrogen for example) 100 M€ invested/year representing 1.2% of consolidated sales revenue by 2022.
2025: sales revenue of €300 million
2030: sales revenue of €3 billion
Develop low-emission mobility initiatives for collaborators 2025: 100% of sites establish low-emission mobility initiatives2
Eco-design and integration of recycled raw materials Increase the % of recycled plastics in products 2025: Increase from 15% recycled plastics in 2022 to 25-30% in 2025 4-5-10
2030: Integration of 50% recycled materials in products for one OPmobility customer (compared to 2019 version)3
Eco-design the bumpers of the future 2030: 50% reduction in the lifecycle carbon footprint of SMART bumpers4 (compared to 2019 version)
Protect biodiversity on sites The preservation of biodiversity involves managing the environmental footprint of our sites. A network of sustainability ambassadors (200 employees)5 has been set up in all the Group's activities. 5-6
Initiatives for on-site biodiversity From 2023: Support 5 voluntary projects proposed by collaborators each year
Engage stakeholders Promote initiatives for environnement protection 2025: 100% of sites supporting local communities6 2-5-6-7-8-9- 10
Engage collaborators 2025: raise awareness among 100% of employees7
Dialogue with stakeholders on biodiversity issues 2024: Involve stakeholders in updating our materiality analysis via including biodiversity issues
1For activities in 2022: scope 1 & 2 neutral in 2027.
2Carpooling, collective transit, low-carbon transportation.
3This project has been very well received by customers who are keen to integrate lower carbon solutions and demonstrates OPmobility's strength in offering proposals to customers.
422 million bumpers are produced every year.
5See sustainability ambassadors' mission statement on page 184 of the DEU.
6Sites are encouraged by the Group to develop actions such as garbage collection and site decontamination, or forestation and planation of melliferous species to encourage biodiversity in the local community.
7Fresque du climat, Axa Climate School, environnemental basics.